Dor de casa

I miss my home. I haven’t seen any of them since May 2010.  I’m trying to keep my mind focused on different stuff…but I had too much time at home these days with this flu medical leave, so now I find it impossible to avoid the thought.

My nephew was 2 months old when I left Romania, a small little human, now he walks everywhere, he has a smart smart look and he will make 1 year on 16th of February 2011…. probably he has no idea who I am….

I also miss Romanian foods. Like “salata de boeuf” and “salata de vinete” (aubergine salad) that we make on Christmas…..and my mom’s cakes…to die for!

But food can be arranged, I found a Greek shop for a good aubergine ingredient for the salad, I have the recipe for “salata de boeuf”, I can cook and I love baking cakes after my mom’s recipes,  plus I have Romanian friends here in Munich with whom I can share the fun of cooking and the enjoyment of home taste.

But what about my family? When will I be able to see them again? 😦  My sister, her husband, my mother and Tudor might come in spring/summer in Munich.   I have a possibility to go in Romania around Easter…but I need to find solutions for coming back and I don’t have the money for this trip right now. :((

I need to cope with missing them for some more time….soon…. soon…. soon….