Focus: CRT-witty

I have an interest in creativity. I had some child play in more directions:  taking photos , some with interesting perspectives, editing some photos, graphic design in Corel – some logo proposals, graphic brochures and flyers,   drawingvideo editing for friends etc. 

But I don’t really use any of these skills I have at their maximum potential, I don’t consider them my real differentiator in my daily work, even though from time to time I had, I have and I will have the chance to use them in my work.


For my job I focus on mastering other skills like: marketing, management, events management, online marketing and social media.  However, these creative skills and interests that I have kept bringing me back, fascinate me, make me “lose time” in reading/learning about them…. even if I don’t pay them attention too often, even if I don’t think I have a real talent for it…. it is a fact that most “talented people”, the ones that we consider genius, they all had at least 10.000 hours of work behind them before hitting success (read the book called Outliers for more details on this idea)….so maybe it’s time to start  investing in these creative hobbies some more time….until I realize which one is the one worthy of investing 10.000 hours in it.

Whether I will decide to really get serious 100% of the time money producing skill or just keep it as a hobby, it’s time to invest time and develop at least one of my creative interests. It’s time to look deeper into these skills – read / learn / get inspired:

  • Photography:
  • Graphic design:
  • Drawing
      1. draw tutorials after stuff you see, photos, work of others, replicating them as good as possible
      2. create your own drawings, compositions etc
    • I like paper, pencils and from time to time I draw…. when I want to get relaxed, when I find a nice drawing that I want to replicate….I don’t draw from my head, I always thought I have no talent…but I never truly investigated this and never really invested time in finding out. So there are 2 directions:
    • a good art history class and art school to attend around here might be a good idea as well.  I find myself as a more online/digital/ computer oriented person…so keeping focus on this offline skill might be a challenge without the proper support.
  • Video making:
    • Movie making manual on wiki – all right, this is for cinema movie makers…I am not heading for that, but I can learn the big picture and some insider tips from them…who knows where inspiration comes from
    • not sure how to map this skill development…yet.

Essential: invest, develop, practice constantly, even if it will be only at hobby level and not at career level. Get creative! Focus: CRT-witty!