Ads and Brands :)

I had a really great day browsing through different landing page information and also through ads and brands links 🙂 I guess I just missed  The Night of the AdEaters / The Publivors / Noaptea devoratorilor de publicitate !

So…best links to read from what I found today 🙂

Super Bowl finale in USA

  • a great great intro to Super Bowl with the great voice of Michael Douglas 🙂  ” we never give up…how could we?”  
  • Browse through all the 2011 Super Bowl commercials on youtube (a 30 seconds commercial aired during the Super Bowl final costs up to 3 million $, for the airtime alone, excluding production and talent costs !! )
  • most liked Ads from Super Bowl 2011
  • My favourite ads:
    • Coca-Cola Borderline -Shared things always have this power 🙂 
    • Pepsi Max – nice first date insight ;))  
    • Volkswagen – Black Beetle – it turned on number 5 in the public preferences, but it is better in my opinion then the Star wars ad 🙂 – 
    • Volkswagen Passat – The Imperial March – with the Little Darth Wader – cute ad, but it’s not my top as it seems for most people people 
    • Hyunday ads campaign
    • I still haven’t seen them all, I might add more later on

Brand and economy articles:

Other interesting links: