The life is finally bringing better horizons on my way after I’ve had so many ups and downs this last year/months/weeks, both professionally and personally … and now I find myself in the middle of very interesting times, me and everything around me is rising like the Phoenix bird from its own ashes…

and even though the rebirth is and will be still painful and time consuming …just the thought of the new Phoenix makes the ride totally worth it, thrilling and exciting!

And for Phoenix times like this, Phoenix rhythms are required 🙂 especially the incredible “Ciocârlia” (Sky lark in English) – a traditional Romanian song,  adapted for rock rhythms by the  Transylvania Phoenix ;))

PS: my favourite part comes after minute 1:05 🙂

PPS:  This the Romanian traditional “lăutăresc” song that inspired Phoenix Transylvania

and this is the awesome interpretation of the same song by Gheorghe Zamfir at panflute….I could easily think they got a bird to sing with them in this song interpretation, it’s this awesome!