Vital butterfly

This little  butterfly looking organ that we have in our body it’s called Thyroid…and it’s one of the important human hormons who you fail to see…unless you have issues with it.  Check this presentation explaining more about this little butterfly and the problems that it can sometime produce.

I guess for me it’s time to go for a thyroid check again….the last days, after long days at work + outside work with friends, the tiredness and the few sleep hours finally reached me, combined with a general low calcium level, calcium problem for me…. I had some really bad moment today from a fall in the calcium level because of all this busy life lately, with heart palpitation, nose bleeding out of the blue, hands shacking, muscle contractions in the legs (“carcel”), strong headache and feeling very weak.  I had to cancel my saturday plans 😦 …but I can’t mess up with my health….had a sleep, had these strong calcium effervescent dose, 1000 mg Ca+D3, the maximum daily dose for a person, and the one that you would get only in osteoporosis problems….these days, this will be my daily juice 🙂 …. I also had a few hours of sleep, and with this calcium…and the yoghurt that I am eating now while writting this, I feel a little bit better, and hopefully tomorrow I will be all ok…. but for sure, I need to get back to the doctors, mainly for thyroid where I had problems before.

I must say I was lucky that my mom discovered in time the early signs of hipo, hyperthyroidism and then finally Basedow Graves around 1999,  after a very stressful time for me and on the fond of getting affected of the death of one of my grandfather that was living in the same house with us and that I cared so much for, may God rest him in peace.  Check after check, trips to Bucharest at the best endocrine hospital, Parhon, and finally in 2001 I had to do a surgery, for talking out some polymicronodules discovered on the “wings” of the thyroid…as a result, my vital butterly, the thyroid,  has no more wings…and I need to take daily a thyroid hormon supplement early in the morning without eating for 30 min prefferably.

This thyroid is the one that gave me all these weight problems as well, I looked different back then in 1999-2000 before getting all these issues….and I changed a lot in time because of this, 2008 december being the moment when I was really the most overweight ever in my life….and since then actually I lost weight, Munich change did good to me… being happy makes me loose weight and be active going out, working hard etc … but having problems or being very upset, very dissapointed or very stressed out makes me gain weight out of thin air … I guess I have to keep myself happy and strong, right? 🙂 and then thiner will come on my way ;))

Either way, since 2008 when I had the last thyroid thorough check in Romania, I did not had problems at all with my thyroid, or calcium levels, anyway not this bad as these days and especially today… so even if normally you need to do a regular 5 years check up, for me it’s time to check both calcium and thyroid thouroughly again…since besides calcium problems i see again some weight variations problems as well…and i don’t know how much should i consider it holiday season and how much also the last months and all the stress and problems i had in 2010.

Considering the fact that I get too involved and I care too much sometimes…having the thyroid problem for ten years now, I should know not to get so close to people, get involved or care for them and then suffer (pun la suflet cum se zice) if they dissapoint me….but well….that’s one hard thing to control unfortunately, I get my heart and sould out there too many times, sometimes for people who don’t know how to appreciate it, so I just  do my best to be harder and stronger every time I get this happening…and my 2010 was full of it all…I had  disappointing moments  from people that I got to care for as friends, I had  money issues  and lots of worries about my life here  and  these last weeks I got also the whole lot of stress and busy life, the little amount of sleep bacuse of working hard (if you’re my friend you know how workaholic I am when I love what I’m doing, and how much I work without mentioning or showing most of the times, at home also many times) + lots of friends meetings + lots of talks for getting the new perspectives through…..great, huh? …so yeap….perfect scenario for bringing up old calcium/thyroid problems :p

Either way, health is on the way, I know about it, I’ll get a full series of health check ups around here and get myself back on track.