Money can’t buy

Money can buy a bed, but it cannot buy sleep.

Money can buy a house, but not a home.

Money can buy a clock , but not time

Money can buy books, but it cannot buy brains/knowledge/wisdom.

Money can buy food, but not appetite.

Money can buy clothes, jewelery, finery, beauty treatments, but not beauty.

Money can buy medicine/a doctor, but not good health.

Money can buy you blood, but not life.

Money can buy insurance, but not safety.

Money can buy education, but not culture.

Money can buy a book, but not a story.

Money can buy amusement, but not happiness.

Money can buy a piano, but not a song.

Money can buy paper and pencil, but not words.

Money can buy glasses, but not sight.

Money can buy you sex, but not love.

Money can buy a position, but not respect.

Money can buy employees and companions, but not friends.

Money is the car, but not the driver. Money can’t buy everything. A determined human soul can. Because a human soul has the determination needed to produce the money to buy the needed things and still see beyond them and appreciate what is really valuable in life.

And if you are lucky enough to have any of those things that money can’t buy, you should learn how to keep them. Because it’s very easy to loose them and extremely hard to get them back ….
Later edit – Feb 2011 – a good song is completing this post 🙂 “Everybody look to their left Everybody look to their right… Can you feel it? Yeah! We’re paying with love tonight!
Official video of Jessie J – Price Tag can be seen here, if you cannot see the previous video.

Sometimes it’s good to remember, right?