For a few nights I dream that I am moving into a new house….it’s not the same dream every night, but it’s the same feeling, that I love it, that it’s a nice spacious house, full of light and with all the utilities that I would like.

In my dream I had the really nice room A and I also entered room C, I saw the big kitchen and living room, mostly white and full of light, modern, pretty much as these photos…

Also even if I did not dreamed people, I knew I was sharing it with some really nice people, sharing the house  is a joy for me since I love having company around, I  am not a solitary person, even if I need my space and privacy also.

I wonder what is it about, what’s the meaning behind… I write about this here just because generally I don’t remember dreams, I don’t really even consider dreams ever gave me “signs”,  also I don’t have similar dreams more nights in a row (sometimes I wonder if I’ve even dreamed something, since I don’t remember it generally :D)  …and the strangest part is that I am happy in the house where I am now, I share my apartment with a great lovable Greek family and I really feel like they are my family here in Munich, so I am not eager to move from here and I am clearly not thinking of moving into a new house, so it’s excluded to have a dream about something that I am thinking during the day….plus it’s all almost entirely white in my dream, and I love colours around……these are all the reasons why I find these dreams strange and it made me think that behind these dreams there must be a meaning…..

If there is a meaning, I am sure it will appear only later on. So I just note this thought down and let’s see when the meaning appears. :p