09.09.10 – It’s all right!

Happy! 🙂 I finally got my working permit approval until end 2012 for Cafe Camera and Hotel Achterbahn – see here my previous posts about this topic: the job,  the situation, the emotion.

So from 09.09.2010 until 08.09.2012 I have the right to work for this job in Munchen! 🙂 This is the paper and the stamp that I had problems lately in receiving it! 

After solving this, we could start work 🙂 So last night we went back in Cafe Camera, discussed next things to do and enjoyed the great live concert in Cafe Camera – Spring Groove – see here on Cafe Camera’s facebook group all updates and photos soon . This singer has an absolute amazing voice and she knows how to make a live concert, it’s totally worth going at one of her concerts!

For the moment, I let you enjoy one of the songs that I heard last night live! I’ll check to see if I have it recorded on my camera and if yes, I’ll upload it here soon.  Enjoy! It’s all right! 😉