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I’ve looked over the basic statistics that are offered for free by wordpress for my blog and I discovered an interesting fact…since 20th of August until today, so for 5 days, someone is searching each day on google, once or twice per day, “listentothebeat wordpress” and this is the way he/she is reaching my blog.

It makes me wonder who is he/she, who is my mysterious faithful reader.

Is it a close friend of mine that wants to know more about what’s happening lately with me? Or just someone that doesn’t know me personally but read my previous blog posts and wants to see the new posts?

I would consider the first option, especially since this blog link is sent only to a few close friends….and then again, most of my post were accessed after specific google searches for certain topics, only fewer based on direct links…. so that’s my dilemma – are you a close friend or a stranger that discovered this blog by chance?

Either way, I just want to thank to you, my mysterious reader, for the interest you have in what I am doing lately 🙂 and I would be happy to know who you are.

Since I don’t write everyday, I have a proposal for you to make your time more efficient – check on the right side of this blog, first column, second widget – it’s saying subscribe to this blog with your email if you want to receive in your inbox the latest news.  Keeping the mystery it’s easy – from my knowledge, I do not have access to who is subscribing, I searched all over the options and I could not find this one, so I cannot see how many people are subscribed to this blog or who is subscribing. It seems that  wordpress is not allowing this, so unless you will comment or send me an email, I will not know who is following my posts/my blog.

I keep writing on this blog while searching for some inspiration for my life, for some solutions to my problems, for some answers to my questions, for amuzement, for sharing lovely curiosities, hopefully for inspiring people in similar situations ….

Even if no one would ever subscribe to my blog, I would still keep writing for me, for my peace of mind and soul, for relaxing, for focusing, for getting in touch with me. And I hope this last thought will be the one to keep the authenticity of these posts…. and hopefully one day will put me in contact with you, my mysterious reader. 🙂