21 days left.

Worst case scenario did not happened completely….but it’s starting to happen :((

Today I learned that the job that I sent my papers for receiving the working permit was not approved by ArbeitsAg…  si I don’t have the work permit yet…. Overqualified, they say, based on my CV….. :(((

So what’s next for me?  Giving up or fighting some more? I choose the second…. for 3 more weeks, until 15th of September, I should do my best to find solutions….and then that’s it.  This phase will be over. :((

I’m sad … I really was looking forward for starting officially this job :(((  …but I somehow was mentally prepared for receiving also this worst case scenario… I think I’ve grown up….I’m recovering my forces faster then before after a bad news like this one….and I am focused on solutions again…

  • We will do a second try to apply for the work permit, on Thursday we’ll decide how to reapply and on Friday  probably we will “do the honours”….and wait again (max 4 weeks,  but this decision took 1 week) until the decision is coming…
  • Still waiting for answers from some phone interviews I had recently for full time jobs….
  • Still applying for new jobs that I find online….
  • Going to a career coaching company session for 3 more hours and doing my German version of CV, with a business photo included….there are so many differences between applying on English speaking job market and German job market…..
  • Updating my online professional presentation website … but not focusing on this one, since it’s more important to have the right CV format for Germany’s market, with a good photo inserted. I am so thankful that Tonio helped me have some really nice business photos to add on my CV and blog!
  • Continuing to learn German at least until 15th of Sept …. and hoping I will be able to finish this course that lasts until mid Oct…
  • Keeping positive, focused and solution oriented.
  • Developing the business idea I share with a friend of mine from here. At least to have a business plan before leaving Munich, if this worst case scenario is happening all the way… And if this BP is going well, it might be the one to balance the worst case scenario and give me a new full speed direction.

I searched for some inspiration to keep me going…and these are the best quotes I could find so far:

“Everything is okay in the end, if it’s not ok, then it’s not the end.”

“When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the firstplace.”

“A champion is someone who gets up, even when he can’t”

When it comes to fighting for  you, for your life, there are few authors of valuable inspiring quotes, and surprisingly all those that I liked and chose to add here are just anonymous or unknown, probably to busy to “copyright” their ideas while fighting to overcome their troubles in life.  But maybe even more because of this situation, because they know what they talk about, their words are really valuable and inspiring….

So I’ll keep these thoughts in mind …and I’ll just Keep walking.…wish me loooads of luck and all the strength needed to continue this bumpy journey and to reach my desired objectives.