Benefits of failure

“By every usual standard, I was the biggest failure I ever knew!” JK Rowlings, the famous writer of Harry Potter, delivering her speech at Harvard, talks about her life failures and her road out of it.

Thank you my dear friend Oana for sending this link to me! Just like she sais, some friendships become more precious than diamonds and rubies in troubled times. Personally I must say that I never met failure before at this level. But since October 2009, I constantly fight my mind to go forward and overcome this thought that I am a failure in my eyes and in the eyes of others, compared to all the known standards etc …and some of my very very  close friends know that there were some moments (thankfully very  few moments!) when I felt I was a total failure, when my energy to go on and fight my way out of it was so low…. I learned so much about me, about the people around me …and there are many more things to learn from this experience…..I’ve learned many things that JK Rowlings mentions and I am sure I still have more to learn…. so I will not talk about my learnings here, since I still don’t think I’ve overcome this moment in my life.

I will just leave JK Rowlings to talk, to tell you about what are the benefits of failing in life, since she went through these failure moments and reached a successful life. Watching all the movies included below will take about 80 min – 90 min, so it’s pretty much the length of a movie and if you don’t have time right now to watch them, it’s better to save the link and come back to watch it in a relaxed evening when you need some life inspiration.

A second type of perspective filming the same speech – and with a better audio clarity

This is a shorter interview about her life story…to understand the background of her speech

And this is a longer documentary about her life story, from ABC News, made by Elizabeth Vargus