It’s not over ’til it’s over

Today was not my day. And today was my day.

But it’s not over until it’s over. Keep walking. Keep moving forward. Mergem inainte. Si invatam reteta olteneasco-bavareza.

My day step by step:

– bad – mixing up a meeting hour early in the morning. I did not noted down in my agenda/phone – pay attention to this next time. 

good – meeting with a friend that was helping me with some paperwork.

– bad – raining or gray cloudy day

– bad – I broke my shoes :'((  …on a rainy day, you never want this to happen … on a bad financial day, you will hate this to happen

– bad – I found out that my papers that I was waiting for were not even entered for checking them…. lack of transparency, information …. and many more…we’re still charting the why and who generated all this chain of events to understand where to solve the papers!

– bad -I learned that I need two more papers in order to get my work permit.

– good – I got the first document for free….even  if at the desk we were told it costs 5E.  Reteta olteneasco-bavareza 😀 I need to learn more about this strategy from Elena, that practices it for at least 5 years here in München 🙂

– good – an excellent coffee, italian restaurant and waiters, excellent service and water with ….rasberrries! Yaaammy flavour ;))

– bad – feeling bad physically.

– bad – Besides the coffee, I did not ate/drank in the morning, so I got a sandwich to go…bad choice…it was frozen, more frozen then the cold weather from outside…. eventually I ate it…and I froze inside :p

– good – I could do the second document at the Romanian consulate in the same day…

– bad  – I had to pay 60 E for it!! My last cash money from the wallet!

– bad – this document is valid only 6 months!! so every 6 months, to pay another 60E? or as much as they want to ask for this document???

– good – Thanks God I had enough money in my wallet, even if that was all I had, at least I could take the document, otherwise …. there was no near by bank to get the money out and come back in time before closing…so this would mean one more day of not solving things…and when my DL 10th of August is this Tuesday…this would be very very very bad!

– bad – the document was only in Romanian…. so I have to translate it to be able to give it to Arbeits Agentur! … which means more money :'((  and more roads and time wasted before being able to go and put the papers!

-bad – the rain got worse and the consulate is not near… so my shoes got almost unglued until half …. I needed to go buy new shoes on the spot….so I took the train towards Hbf.

– bad – unwanted attention, from the cycle Lovely MVV stories….this time Ahmed from Syria, 40 yrs or more. I don’t like to lie, but this time….after saying that I am not interested, he still was asking what are you doing tomorrow? can we meet? ….so I lied…I said I had a boyfriend to escape the tomorrow meeting that he was proposing…

– bad – going around Hbf and not finding what I needed…or finding but at very very expensive prices.

– good – I found a pair of shoes, decent price 12E for the amount of time that I will use and looking way better then the price 😀

– bad – kind of fixed …and when I wanted to pay … we don’t accept EC cards, just cash …. so go again in Hbf…quite far by this time… and find a Stadtsparkasse ATM! Ufff 😦

– bad – somewhere before, my phone battery got empty….

– bad, very bad – discovering that I have only 15 E in my account…being able to whitdraw only 10E … which covered the shoes price with the coins that I had.

– good – finally I got my new shoes.

– bad – by the time I reached home, I needed to change them…too new so I need to use them around the house before intensive use outside the house…but they have potential to get softer, better, nicer, comfortable and still look nice!

– bad – I reached home only at 16…and I had a meeeting again at 17 … no time to eat, no time to change, no time to do anything … just pick up my laptop and go. Fast!

– good – reaching exactly (ganz genau! :D) at 17:00 where I needed to be… the church bells from near by where the ones that made me realize I entered the door exactly at the right scheduled time.

– bad – with all these bad things happening today, I had no time or possibility to announce that I cannot fulfill all the things that I promised for this meeting :(.

– good – I like our team, I like our meetings! 🙂 Happppy happy happy! 🙂 One of the best moments of today!

– good – I got some money to save the day and pay for translating the Romanian paper

– bad – my document situation….we  looked over again all the documents, all the flow to see where and who and why all this happened and to understand what to do to solve things.

– good – we set up a meeting to go tomorrow again at the authorities and try and solve the papers!

– bad – at 20:30 we realized the Romanian document is not translated!! :(( and we needed it next day at 8:00 AM!

– good – … lucky me, I’m connected to the right persons, networking is really helping, so I could solve it …at 20:30!!….I could not get the document on the same night, but at least I managed to have the document next morning at 8:15.

– bad – 25 E gone for this too :'(( …considering all these financial investments in papers, I must succeed in staying here officially!!

– bad – it’s all the way on the other side of the city…so I need to do a trip of 45-60 min to get that document…pretty much the time that I used today to go and leave the document there!  Menaning….leaving at 7:15..latest 7:30 from home!

– good – we postponed our meeeting time from 8-10 to 9:30-11:30 so that I have the time to get all the papers.

– bad – I still have to do 3 things tonight before sleeping –

-First – eating!!  my stomach is hating me by now after this day and …this week / month of stress and disordered food….so cooking late in the night…. taking more of my time! I cooked a fast and delicious soup and it’s enough for having tomorrow also, since I’ll have a similar day ;)) Happy stomach!

–  Second –

– Third – So much information getting connected in my head, so much orienteering in Munich! If I still have time and focus and energy  – putting down and writing about this crazy day! It will be a reference point for an online project I decided tonight that I should start.

– Fourth – preparing the documents, papers and clothes for tomorrow to jump in and run out of the door fast.

See you with tomorrow’s stories – so far I have 3 termins  and one full day of things to do- one at 8:15 (1 h distance from my home …), one ot 9:30 for putting up the papers …and then go back home  to eat and learn / write/do the homework for german (hopefully I will be able to do that if I get enough sleep…or coffeeee….)  and at 17:15 max leaving home to go to the german course from 18:00 ….yeap….busy once again … hopefully it will get solved and I will be able to sleeeeep some time!

As you can see above, my day was at least 2/3 bad and full time busy…and tomorrow might be the same….but as my attitude is concerned, read the beginning of this post…and read also the story of this determined athlete and get inspired! “As long as there are options for me […], I will continue […] unless I am told I can no longer carry on.”