Target …& Fire!

‎”Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see”. Arthur Schopenhauer

This quote reminds me of the resistance move going on in Romania right now on cultural issues, a movement that I totally support.

If you understand Romanian, just watch the video below…

…and if you know only English, read forward the translation.

“There is no shortcut towards talent.

Talent in any form of it it’s a very rare state,   volatile and very capricious. It must be gardened, taking cared of and hold on control since it’s seldom a traitor. Between the genius and the imbecile state, that are work free states, for all of us in the middle between these states, there is a whole world of work that we have to assume.  Because the talent’s stabilizer is intelligence and culture and humility and pushing forward the limits of our personal comfort. This is how we can manage to achieve the hundredth that separates the podium in 3 places. And btw, did you saw a sportsman that reached celebrity over night? There are no gimnasts, runners, there are no tenismen that with one day before have decided to be someone else.  Because there is no possibility to decide that you will become important without deserving it.  And still in our country there are constantly appearing celebrities, products, stars over night, pornografically naked but without beauty,  filled up/bloated (“ghiftuite”) without really having tasted anything, plastified, passed through synthesizers, unnecessary, unuseful. Their laments/groans (“schelalaielil”) from any field are not offering anything, are not feeding in any way, are not deep so they do not last. It is time to give up being a factory of non-values with reduced valability. I am Ana Olaru and I support the Resistence Move. I would like to attract in this campaing the actor Marcel Iures. “