Rollercoaster of emotions, Rollercoaster of experiences!

My new job is getting me really involved 🙂 All week-long I worked for it and finally we had a team kick off, we cleared the objectives, the action plan, weekly meetings etc 🙂 It was intensive talk this last week and especially the last week-end, but I am happy to be involved again in things that I love to do. And more than this, I am super super happy that the people who I work with have vision for the business, whether owners or employees, and  we all get along very well and complete each other in competences, personality and ideas so well! I am  just waiting for my work papers to get the final approval from authorites before starting to implement the action plan we decided.

So, what am I working here in München? All kind of marketing & event topics for the  restaurant called Cafe Camera and for Hotel Achterbahn.

Hotel Achterbahn takes you with each room into a rollercoaster of emotions: melancholy, ecstasy, fear, flush, presumption, bliss, enlightenment,  relaxation. Considering such an interesting concept, you might think it’s expensive,  but the prices for one night are quite low compared to München prices, that’s why the hotel is almost full time booked! So if you or your friends are searching for a room in München, you may be interested in trying the rollercoaster of emotions from Hotel Achterbahn… you will just love it!

And for Viel Spaß (having fun and excellent times) in München’s evenings, try the rollercoaster of experiences from Cafe Camera, the place that constantly reinvent itself to offer a different live atmosphere every week: pop rock, jazz, balcanic, folk, rock, lounge, indie, international … the only constant is that this is the cosy place where you will feel at home every time you will come!

Ah, and I forgot to tell you about our dear motivation factor, Milow, a small white little dog full of life and love for all of us ;))

See you around! ;))