Diploma recognition in Germany

Since I’ve been to so many institutions around here in Germany, I found out some useful things, so I will start posting them.  For the moment, this is an answer I received from BA-ZAV-Nürnberg-Auslandsvermittlung (German Federal Employment Agency, International Placement Services (ZAV), Nürnberg www.ba-auslandsvermittlung.de ) about diploma recognition in Germany for people who studied in Romania.

    In Germany you don’t need and don`t get an official recognition (by the state) for working as an Master in Business Administration, Business economist or alike. This professions are not regulated by law. The employer will decide on their own, if your certificate is sufficient concerning their own standards.

    Maybe it could helps you for your job application, if you have an expert advice that compares the university degree in marketing from Romania with the German. More information about this (costs, application) you get on http://www.kmk.org/zab/zeugnisbewertungen.html .

    Another possibility for Citizen of an European state, is the europass Diploma Supplement. The content and organisation of European higher education offerings are extremely varied. Just as in the case of references, comparing degrees in higher education in the international context prompts a series of questions. The europass Diploma Supplement helps to answer them. The europass Diploma Supplement is issued in every member state by the college or university that has conferred the original diploma. http://www.europass-info.de/EN/europass-diplomzusatz.asp

More information about recognition you can find at (in German only): http://www.berufliche-anerkennung.de/