How to manage…The Shit!

This is a really inspiring story, called The cow, the bird, the cat and…the Shit!
A bird decides not to fly south one winter, thinking he can tough it out.
Soon after the first snowfall arrives, he rethinks his plan and heads south anyway alone.
It would seem that he left too late, however, because it was so cold that his wings freeze and he fell down, so he take refuge in a local barn.
A cow passed by the bird and dropped a load of shit on him.
He isn’t happy about this but he soon realizes that the cow crap is warming him up. the bird became happy about finally being warm,  and began to sing for joy.
A passing cat heard the bird’s joyful chirping song and came fast to investigate.
Searching for the sound, the cat dug in the pile of cow shit, discovered the bird  and ate it in just one gulp.
Moral of the story:Work
1. Not everyone who drops a load of shit on you is your enemy.
2. Not everyone who digs you out the shit you are at is your friend.
3. When you are in deep shit, just shut the hell up and work your way out.
There are more stories like this one in this pdf. Enjoy!