Craiova, 3rd Romanian Dream City :)

Recently, there was a competition at national level about which city is the Romanian Dream City, the best to live in Romania and my home city Craiova won 3rd place!!

And even if my home city Craiova is full of controversy covered by the national mass media, like the scandals and fights between local …families,   it is also the leader Romanian city with the biggest amount of green space, 27,2 qm/each inhabitant, it has a really nice renovated city center,  it is full of  water fountains, colourful and even with musical background,   it is the capital of Panduri (so it is a city full of meaningful history for Romanians),  it offers more and more cultural programs and artistic events and ….I just love my home city!

You can also read here in Romanian the article mentioning why Craiova reached the third place as the dream city to live in Romania.

This photo says 1000 words, and it is just the first one from this photo story of Craiova, seen through the eyes of its inhabitants . Just check the pictures from this link and you’ll see the beauty of my home city!

For those interested in the results of this top, here are the other cities as well (click the name to see more about each city):

Locul 1 – Braşov (really deserves the first place!)
Locul 2 – Piteşti
Locul 3 – Craiova (my home city!! :))
Locul 4 – Cluj-Napoca (I think this city deserves a higher place)
Locul 5 – Iaşi (I think this city deserves a higher place)
Locul 6 – Timişoara (I think this city deserves a higher place)
Locul 7 – Arad
Locul 8 – Bacău
Locul 9 – Sibiu (I think this city deserves a higher place)
Locul 10 – Constanţa (I think this city also deserves a higher place)
Locul 11 – Oradea
Locul 12 – Bucureşti (the capital of Romania)
Locul 13 – Galaţi
Locul 14 – Brăila
Locul 15 – Ploieşti