Colour IQ

1 in 12 men and 1 in 255 women have some sort of colour vision deficiency…Did you know? That’s huge.

Where are you fitting in these statistics? You can find out your colour IQ with a simple colour IQ test.

You have to order the colours in order of hues (nuante). I am not such a big fan of these quizzes but this one can be also fun.  The lower you score, the smarter you are.

So I got 37 out of 0-99 scale, with 0 (zero) being the perfect colour IQ  score… I guess I am not as colourful as I could be…and the biggest surprise was to see that I scored the worst for my favourite colours hues – blue, green, turquoise!!

I need to improve this area a little bit more 🙂 and I need to retake the test!  I’ll post the new result on a later edit.

Also, based on my experience, please take the test when you are calm and patient….I generally am like this, but tonight I have a bad summer cold, I am eager to go to sleep and tired, so I could not enjoy this test completely because of this annoying bad cold feeling that I experience these days.   I love colours and I think this test is basically relaxing and therapeutic, I just need to find a better moment to retake this test! 🙂

So go ahead: take the test and see how much colour IQ smarter than me you are! 🙂