Problems… just opportunities for Happiness

We generally consider happiness a moment with no problems in our lives….I have problems in my life.  Lots of them, to be more accurate. So I am not as happy as I was once, but I do my best to keep my smile, my optimism and cheerful mood even in troubled times.

But when your life is starting to be divided between your problems and your talks about your problems….maybe it’s time to slap yourself some sense into you and start thinking how to overcome them faster and just work focused 100% in that direction.

There is no need to be down, to be afraid, fearful, panicking or you name it … you are just loosing your very precious time….so whenever you see these situations or feelings coming,  just get inspired from happy people that overcome their problems with a smile on their face and can even make fun of each and every bad thing happening to them.

Plus… have to have problems!  And each time you overcome these problems, you rise above your challenges and then you have your rewards!

This Nigerian guy Kingsley Nwabia is as cool as he looks, isn’t he? 🙂

Why shouldn’t all of us be as happy and smiling as he is? 😉