Just keep walking

I’m sick and tired of being a paper nomad, a ping pong ball among different institutions, papers, certificates, approvals etc etc etc … Good news, bad news, ups and downs, forward and backward…no stability, no balance, just when you think you get some peace to focus on what’s important, it’s all gone… and as mentally strong as I am, this is going on for tooo long …

I am tired…I am sick of it all….

…and I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired….

….so I’ll keep walking….I’ll just keep focusing on the positive side of things, on the fact that with all these things to do, at least even if one road is closing, another one is opening, another door, another window…..that will eventually get me to achieve all the things I set as priority.

That’s all I can do now … focus on my priorities and try to get less affected of all those bumps in the road.

I’ll just Keep walking.