Let’s neeever stop falling in looove!!

Spontaneity is always bringing me the most memorable times! As planning & details freak as I am when I want to do an event, in the end I enjoy the most the spontaneous moments that happen after you decide in a spur of a moment and happen fast enough to make you crave for more!

What’s happening now? I heard there is a live concert of Pink Martini in Munich on Friday 16th of July 2010…so I was thinking whether to go or not…since the ticket is quite expensive for me, 35E, and I am not in the best financial moment of my life, I was really sooo undecided….but after the German course and the last-minute shopping before closing...I decided! I am a fan of Pink Martini for tooo long, I really wanted to see them for sooo many years, so I think it’s about time! Yes, they are expensive…but I’ll do some savings from other directions… I will cut out some going outs…or even if I don’t cut them out, I will not buy stuff, drinks as much as possible, so with 30 minutes before the concert was supposed to start, I spontaneously decided to go to the concert, especially since some friends of mine already were there and they could buy a ticket for me too!

And I went directly to get there in time with all the luggage after me,  German courses, shopping bag with a few last-minute shopping including eggs :)))) ….but happily I could leave them all at the wardrobe and thankfully nothing broke and everything reached home perfectly safe! 🙂

Awwww…..this Pink Martini night will be unforgettable for me! 🙂 Just listen to the opening songs in English and then Portuguese…

…and they played also songs in Italian, French,  Russian and Turkish! That’s what I call an exceptional band, playing “Music of the world without being world music.” Across musical styles, genres and cultures, the vintage chic band Pink Martini is one of the best known bands of jazz-lounge and fusion from all over the world!

If you really liked the previous song, you can enjoy here the playlist with all the songs that I recorded from the live Munich concert http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGcHkGSRGTw&feature=PlayList&p=0DEC098D87D9D8CD&playnext_from=PL&playnext=1