The rational optimist

When ideas have sex, the world evolves and prospers….don’t loose sights on the possibility of improving the world!  This quote is from one of the great science, economics and culture talks that I saw on the TED site (and everyone should hear it, and check also the comments from the TED site ;)).

This TED talk posted above is based on Matt Ridley’s book The Rational Optimist – How prosperity evolves, so you can check here a preview of the book ideas

At 3:40 the interviewer asks Matt Ridley a question and I love the answer!  Short version “I don’t myself quite understand why pesimism sounds wise and optimism sounds foolish, but that’s true, this is how it’s perceived…(he adds some reasons here why is this happening)….I used rational optimist term because I also don’t believe that everything’s fine optimism is the right way to go is….I’m saying just imagine the possible improvement that you can achieve, don’t loose sights on the possibility of improving the world, I’m not saying everything’s fine, all the other way there’s a lot of things that could get better still, just don’t give up on the possibility to improve them! 🙂 “

100% agree, and with this I recognize that I acted so far as a rational optimist! Good, so I have some practice, now it’s time to see the theory also! 🙂 I can’t wait to find and read the book!