Feeling good!

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, and I’m feeeling gooooooooooooooooooooooooood! 🙂

I recommend though this video here, the song is the same ;)) Feeling Good from Alex-Andre on Vimeo.

Soo…..what happened, what happened, why do I finally have this biiiiiig smile on my face?

After I took this picture, 15 min later, I was meeting my dear dear lovely friend Alexa, and she told me when she saw me: “Radiezi!! Ce s-a intamplat?” (this is a Romanian word that can have as an aproximate translation that I am sparkling positive energy, or maybe glowing with enthusiasm :D…What happened? …I’ll change it if I’ll find a better translation )

I feeeel goood because it’s the first time that I really feel that things are going slowly up for me, that finally things are starting to settle and to get solved, finally I see some solutions, I can feel them close to me, reachable, achievable….there are still things to solve, and things will take a while to get solved…but now I am confident it will get solved!

Ich habe eine Gratis Deutsche Kurse gefinden! :)))) I am not sure that I wrote it correctly, but I’ll know for sure how to write ” I found a free-of-charge German course!!!” :)) after I’ll finish the course 🙂 It’s a 1 1/2 h/week, and there are 3 groups of people,  beginners and pre-intermediate levels, and I can go to all groups for freeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ;)) so I will have weekly 4 1/2 hours of free German course, starting from this Friday until October!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!  :)) Meee happpy! 🙂  Nothing is free in Germany….so this is a reaaally big achievement ;))

And the late evening walk with Alexa and Raluca on Leopoldstraße was really fun and interesting :)) The girls know what I am talking about :p….and later on I totally enjoyed the chat with Alexa! I almost missed my last train!  But I don’t mind, here I am writing about this great day! 🙂

I’m jumping around of joy!! Cheeerfully yours mood is getting back to me!

PS: Earth to Andreea: not all the things are solved, but at least one goood promising & important thing it’s solved! 🙂 So let’s see how the other things develop this week…if I manage to extend the 10th of August DL for my Muenchen stay, with about 6 months for the beginning, I will be really cheeerful again! 🙂

PS2: Now I need to go to sleep, early  8AM meting tomorrow at Aüslanderbehörde, for some institution papers related to my status here, job searching etc….but since I got a meeting scheduled (termin) through post mail, I should go and check it out 😀 Next time I hope they will schedule me later, not at 8!! :p Gooood cheerfull night 😉