Difficulties are simply doorways to something better than you had planned.

This is a quote that I read today and it got glued to my mind…..So I started thinking what does a doorway stands for, what’s the accepted common meaning behind this symbol? No matter from what cultural perspective you would interpret this symbol, there are a few key words that keep repeating themselves: a new place, change, sometimes initiation, sometimes wisdom, a journey in life, hope, both opportunity and liberation, opening, passage from one state or world to another or entrance to a new life. And still there are sooo many different meanings for the doorway symbol depending on the culture, click here to find more.

Going through a doorway means stepping into a new world, different than the world behind the doorway, yet still connected. And in order to reach the doorway before us, we had to live the life behind us, with good and bads, for it brought us to this doorway. And like all doorways, it requires a choice…an action on our part. We can stay here and look at it, or perhaps open it slightly and peer through as a spectator, or maybe even turn around and walk backwards down the path we came….or we can take a new step, close a chapter behind us, and start a new journey. Like all doorways, to experience what lies ahead, you must actually step through. When you cross the doorway, you abandon old, emotional ideas, concepts and plans which are no longer appropriate; the familiar horizon is enlarged and you are initiated in a new life and world.

I just have to keep believing and remembering this quote and it’s meaning!

Difficulties are simply doorways

to something better than you had planned.