Lateral thinking

This is a post about something that happened to me about 2-3 months ago, a really nice feedback that I received but it gave me all the strength to walk further in troubled times for me and strengthened my belief that things will work out for me this year! And I am writing about it because I want to read this from time to time and in this way to find some new force and inspiration whenever I will need it.

While I was in Craiova, between end February and beginning of May, I went once in the University to meet a friend and I casually met on the corridor one of my favourite teachers, for B2B Marketing, Prof. Stancu  (it just happens that we have the same name, we are not relatives :))  and he was together with another teacher of mine, and after a short talk and update about my Germany/Romania travels,  I heard them saying – “You were always a road opener!!, even when you were in Craiova you were so actively involved, so you will eventually get spoted and get on a good track soon 🙂 Good luck!” It’s curious how people see you sometimes in a light that you never thought of,  or in a way that you wouldn’t perceive yourself or you wouldn’t consciously work to reach for that status, especially when you are doing what you like! I must say hearing this boosted up my energy  and positive thinking for quite a good while!

Later on, I went to Bucharest to a national job fair (unfortunately, even if it was with high potential companies, and I applied to some jobs that I liked, but  from the talks I had with the companies representatives I understood that the main hiring target was the group of students or recent graduates, with not too much experience….and I’m out of that group for at least 2 years and with 4 years job experience, more then they would ever consider for taking on board after this career fair).  The career fair was really crowded, I was there in both days, Friday and Saturday, and you can see here how many people were job searching and applying on Saturday.

All the job openings could easily be accesed online, so there was no reall need to pay for a trip to Bucharest, the real added value of this job fair, at least for me, was the opportunity to have a simulated interview with a HR manager from one of the big multinational companies (it was not necessary to apply for their company, the idea was more as a career consulting for your CV and interview skills).

So after waiting in line for one of these simulated interviews, I talked to a nice Romanian recruitor from PWC, and she said I have a good CV and motivation letter, she gave me some advices and said I should also try more Romanian job applications this time, to get more chances, and let Germany applications for the moment.

All the interview was in Romanian, but since I was applying until then only to international positions, I was literally interested in getting into an english simulated interview so that I can see the perspective of an international recruitor, maybe I was doing something wrong in my CV/cover letter, since I had so few interviews while in Munich.  So, after roughly negociating with the organizers (apparently, you could only get one interview), after lots of determination from my part and some lucky context (since some of the candidates waiting in line were not sooo keen in talking in english) I finally reached the international recruitor…even if I was not suppose to :p

The international recruitor that I reached was named  Andrejw from Poland,  if I remember correctly, and he was working at KPMG . The CV and cover letter inputs were pretty much the same as the Romanian recruitor told me, so from this point of view I had little to modify and it seemed not so much difference between the Romanian/Poland recruitor perspective.   But after having a really nice conversation and after answering his questions he told me something  in the end of our talk that totally surprised me  –” You are one of the rare persons I’ve met that has this kind of lateral thinking, that can integrate past experiences, learn from them and then be capable of evolving fast into a new field, even starting from zero.  Always keep this lateral thinking and also present yourself like this to the interviewers.”

This was literally unexpected and I was almost stonned for a moment, before actually realizing what he just told me ….so basically, what he is saying is that if I get to interviews, I should get them, as long as I am fitting also the JD….. but then how do I reach more interviews in Germany where I had my focus until now, and especially those interviews that I want? … …that’s something to work harder on it, and it might be a good time to apply some more lateral thinking here too 🙂 !