Bayern ticket sharing :)

While in Bavaria,  there is a great way to go around sightseeing, buying a Schoenes Wochenende Bayern Group ticket for a 5 persons group and you pay only 28E from automats or 30E from the people from kasse. ….so this brings you to a one day trip  of max 6 E/person!! And if you would get a single ticket it would cost you 20E ….so it’s cool to go travelling with a group, right?

All the rules for this 28E Bayern Ticket are here and the map of the places that you can reach via this train ticket is here.

But those who live in Muenchen know  there is a bummer in this, it is sometimes soooo hard to find 4 other people to share a Schoenes Wochenende Bayern group ticket!! You announce your many friends about your travel plans, and sometimes it works and you manage to find 4 other persons at least….but sometimes  it’s not working and you’re all alone in this travel plan… then what is the solution, if your time for a  full day Bavaria trip is limited to a specific week-end and you can’t find 4  friends to join your travel?

There are 3 solutions from my knowledge:

1st option) If you really want to go on your trip, then prepare your backpack from evening, wake up eaaarly in a  week-end day, go fast in Hauptbahnhof, the Central train station, hang around and ask strangers, hoping  to find some travel partners that go in the same direction as yours, hopefully getting also a complete 5 persons group….. If you can’t find any travel partner, your solution  is either a 20E single travel ticket or canceling the trip if  you’re not willing to pay 20E for a single ticket when the other option is 6E for a 5 person’s group!  And canceling the trip makes you also loose all your time for nothing…. so it’s not always the best solution, as you see…. But if you don’t feel awkward or uncomfortable asking around, then this solution might be your favourite.  For me asking around it’s also not a very comfortable thing, even though it’s a real custom here in Bavaria, I’ve been aproached with these questions many times.    I was once together with another friend of mine, coming from a Bavaria conference and she did all the train station searching and we found 3 more people to join us until Munich…but since for me it was totally awkward  and uncomfortable and it was the first time I was experiencing this situation first hand, I let her do the German talking!

2nd option) Try to find online some travel partners –  one option is via Toytown, you can add a question in the discussion forum at the meetup/day travel section and see if someone answers.  This site has a lot of active users, covering all topics related to Germany life, so you may find some people to join….still, sharing these tickets is not the main purpose of this site.

3rd option) The only online site specialized in finding persons to join your travel and share the train ticket with other people from Bavaria is this BY-Ticket and I think it’s a great solution for the above issue, since you don’t waste time preparing for the trip unless you know for sure you’ve found a group to join you.    This site (only in German so far) allows you to make an user account,  set up some travel plans available for all users and you can see if anyone joins your trip.  Since this site is recently launched, it’s still less known, so it is harder to find travel partners online….but if more friends and friends of friends from Bavaria would know about this and register,  it will be clearly the easiest way to find a travel partner that might even be one of your friends:)

So my friends, please join in this 3rd solution and let’s explore Bavaria! 🙂

PS1:  For travelling cheap with the train all over Germany, on the same principle of sharing a 5 person’s ticket, try this site

PS2:  I did not mention car rental – it makes no sense to rent a car when you are alone, plus my post is focused on train tickets.  But another interesting option, if you prefer a car rather then a train, is the car sharing option, that you can reach via the sites called Mitfahrgelegenheit and  MitfahrZentrale.

PS 3:  If you found this post useful, please leave a comment, rate the post with a few stars etc 🙂 Thanks! Have a safe trip around Bavaria!