Quit marketing, start baking :))

Aaah, cooking and baking,  that still is an adventure for me… but a nice one so far! 🙂 If you are interested to see what I can cook so far and why I’ve been told to quit job searching in marketing and start baking, read forward this post 🙂

At home I’ve been totally spoiled when it comes to kitchen, I was staying with my parents and my grandparents in a big house, I was almost never cooking, or the most I was a help for the master cook of the house 🙂 my grandmother for  cooking or my mother for baking… and then in 2009 I came to Munich…. living on your own can be really nice, but it has its challenges…. you can live with fast food, with sandwiches, fruits, salads and yoghurt, but not forever! You will eventually feel the need of home cooked food, and if you ever tasted my mom’s cakes and cookies, you will miss that also! …her cakes look something like this…

So I just had to start cooking and baking in Munich!

My first cooking experience: as soon as I reached the trainee house in January 2009 I’ve been told by some veeery funny people 😀  from the house that I should cook Romanian food for them in a specific week-end and there is no way to change the date….and I actually believed it!  :)))))))) Silly me! But well, I didn’t mind anyway I had no plans for that week-end so it was ok….plus I prefer to get fast over it with things that scare me….and I was soooo scared of doing it all, since  I literally never cooked soo many dishes at once in my life…but in the end it went as planned and it was a gooood dinner!

Later on, I discovered what foods I liked to cook (mostly vegetarian or maybe chicken/fish with salads) and I discovered I love spontaneity and improvising in the kitchen. 🙂 And those improvised dishes were pretty much the best dishes I made, starting from random ingredients I was always managing to make something really tasty! Me happpy! 🙂

After covering basic home food cooking, I started missing my mom’s cakes….and since some birthdays were up soon, I thought I should give it a try. Total succes from the first cake until the most recent one!

The first cake – Semilune (Half moon) just to try them out, since it is my dear childhood memory and I was missing home in that moment. … after tasting them, dear Sharry from Taiwan fell in love with them and asked me to bake it together with her so that she will learn it 🙂

Second cake recipe try – a chocolate cake for Venky’s bday was the obvious choice, 🙂 since I knew he loved them! Oooh, that was a real cooking adventure….long after 8 pm, me and Janvi were talking and we decided to do the cake …before 12, to go in his room with the cake 😀  so we had less then 4 hours for finding ingredients, deciding on a recipe, baking it and decorating it! …all before 12!!….Being after 8pm, all shops were closed, so pretty much we had no ingredients and no shop available to buy them…we did not planned to bake a cake, but we decided in the house that we should try and do one  …. so the only solution was to improvise something from what we had! halleluia, thanks that we are not afraid of that! 🙂

First things first, checking out what ingredients we have 🙂  …we went all over the house and talked to the other trainees  – hey, do you have  some  cream/ margarine/ butter/ milk/ flower/ sugar/ cocoa/ flower/ fruit or anything that could help us bake and decorate a cake?  …Happily, I had most of the ingredients that you buy only for baking cakes, but we were able to find some more basic daily things around the house, which I was out of it in that moment – milk, eggs, fruits…..so then we collected them all up in the kitchen…….and we were starying at those ingredients and we had no idea what can we do with them….ok, what’s next?? what should we do now? do you know any recipe for these ingrendients? I don’t know!!   …..so we started  to search online for some recipes based on our ingredients….and we found a great one for which we actually had all the needed things 🙂 Yaaay!

It took some while to find ingredients and the recipe options and to decide it , so we were really running against the clock, almost 1 hour left!! Brrrr….So we moved on with full speed and we managed to do it all before midnight! The only not so nice part was the decorating of the cake…since the cake was still hot, we put some cream and some icecream on it….and of course it all melt down by the time we reached one floor up in his room and we sang him happy birthday 😀 (btw….I don’t have the pictures from then 😦  please share if you have any..) .. Aaaaa, and another funny thing, the kiwi that we soo nicely designed as a happy smiley face he took it for pieces of cucumber :))) but all in all, I loved that moment, the taste was aaaaamazing  and I did the same cake twice more with other occasions 🙂

I’ve baked or helped people bake cake more times since then 🙂   , like a cake called “Betivana=The drunk cake” a chocholate with rum flavoured syrup for a Romanian dinner 🙂 …even if we managed to find a bottle of Romanian wine also, in the end we did not open the bottle :)) it was too much alchoohol in the cake already plus Tuica for mamaliga and chiftelute :))

and later on I helped Cristina to bake some Muffins for her Valentine and to artistically decorate them  😉

But out of all the cakes I’ve done, my most requested cake (so far! :p) is Semilune (Half moon cake)….

…this cake represents the childhood taste for me, so no wonder that I’ve made it so many times,  no wonder I teached many people how to bake it 🙂

….and no wonder that a friend of mine told me in the beginning of 2010 – “Andreea, stop job searching on marketing, start baking cakes!!” :)))

Welll, of course I resisted this thought and I still resist it, job searching almost every day….but from time to time, I loooove spending some time in the kitchen, cooking some nice Romanian country potatoes, salata de boef, piure si chiftele, Ceaser salad, curry from all kinds of vegetables,  rice for Indian curry, for Romanian/Turkish Pilaf , or for Chinese fried rice,  soups, ciorba …..and caaakes! these are my favourites already! 🙂 I love doing them especially for my dear friends’s birthdays 🙂

My last cake was made …..TODAY!  celebrating one week later Alexia’s bday and her mom’s – and it was a reaaal delight, I am really proud of me after doing this cake :p  … it’s a very refreshing summer cake, no baking needed, just freezing it to make it cold as ice ;)), with a nice light cheese cream, syrup and fruits mix – that’s a delight for a hot summer day!