Außlander feeling in Germany

To understand my title, Außlander is the German word used for people coming from abroad, besides Einwanderer or Immigrant for men and Einwandererin or Immigrantin for women.

Thilo Sarrazin, member of BundesBank, warned in the beginning of June a group of business people that ‘less educated’ immigrants are making Germany ‘dumber’ !! He was specifically reffering to people arriving in the country from Turkey, the Middle East and Africa, who are less educated than those from other nations…..I’m not German, and also I’m not coming from none of those mentioned area, and still I think it’s such a racist comment coming from a supposedly highly educated person!

Less then a month after this declaration, in June 28, Conservatives suggest intelligence tests for immigrants….

This is the wiki about the current immigration situation in Germany and this is the website of  BAMF, the official institution handling the immigration topic

I also post here a link to  the latest law rules for immigrants in Germany and forward I’ll copy a text from these laws reffering to Romanians that look for a job in Germany….

Citizens of the Eastern European states of the EU have only the same rights like citizens of the other states of the EU if the employment of the Eastern European has been allowed by the Federal Labour Authority.

There are restrictions for people from Eastern European states that joined the EU in 2004 and Romania and Bulgaria. Generally people from these countries shall only be allowed to work if the job can not be filled by a German or a citizen of the older members of the EU.

According to the new law entering into force in 2009 these restrictions expire with the beginning of 2009 for university graduates. Apart from this, the restrictions will remain in power until 30 April 2011 or, for Romanians and Bulgarians, until the end of 2011. Citizens of those Eastern European States which joined the European Community on 1 May 2004 or later find an easier access to the German labour market if they have certain skills because these foreigners will be preferred to other foreigners from outside the EU. If those Eastern Europeans are privileged they have to be treated as regular citizens of the EU.”

So, I am Romanian marketing University  graduate, I have a Master in Business Administration also, I have more then 4 years of work experience in marketing….. so no restriction should apply for me, since the beginning of 2009 … and still it’s so hard to find a job here…. I guess German HR will still avoid Romanians until end of 2011, not looking if you have or not a University degree 😦 …

And more then this, Romanians are often looked at as gypsies 😦 … and I am not a gypsy!! but just because some gypsies that were born in Romania are making troubles all over Europe, all Romanians suffer from this bad image that they create for us!  Read here one of the news about gypsies in Berlin …

I’ve had a nice time in Germany, I’ve met really great people from Germany and from all over the world, I have already a truly global mind and tolerance…….but with all these facts that I stated above, no wonder that sometimes I wonder what am I still doing here and I get such an Außlander feeling!

(Later edit – October 2010) – Angela Merkel’s position related to multiculturality in Germany – Merkel says “German multicultural society has failed” ….More interesting posts here and here is the most interesting post, presenting all the German newspapers positions on  the same theme….and many people react on fb to this last article….

I am curious what’s your opinion after reading these articles…