Priceless Summer Memory

I remember a special moment in 2009 summer that I enjoyed sooo much!

It was one of the very few hot days in Muenchen, at the end of August 2009, and even if I am a very sociable person, and the weather was excellent, in that day I just wanted to stay home. So all day long I was arranging things in my room, the kitchen, home cooking, clothes washing, shopping the needed things, in one word…nesting 🙂 it always made me feel calm, home whenever I was cleaning and arranging things around me and in my room, even though I don’t like doing these on an every-day schedule :p.

As soon as I finished and had everything in place inside the house, I took my book, my mp3 phone and I went out in the trainee house garden…..oooh, what a wonderfull moment! Warm warm sun, staying directly on the freshly cut green grass, reading a great book and having my dear sony phone and sound system playing some lounge/chillout music next to me…..:) at one moment the owner of the house/garden also came to pick up something 😀 and he was totally surprised to see me lying directly on the grass :p

One almost full day in the trainee house garden, reading an excellent book and being caressed by the warm sun, listening to nice atmosphere music, lying directly on the grass and walking bare foot in the trainee house garden grass – my slippers are somewhere behind me in the picture ….small things that I adore, these are just few of the small & simple things that fill me up with energy and bring priceless smiles into my face!

It’s not easy to find happiness in ourselves, but it’s probably impossible to find it elsewhere….. I realize I don’t need too much to be happy, but those things that I need can rarely be bought by money  or valuable expensive things around me.

Vreau din nou liniștea de  când toamna începea!!  I want again the peace I had when the autumn started….and the best song to describe this wish of mine it’s this one from the lovely Horia Brenciu  – Septembrie, Luni (Septembrie, Monday) …. btw, I would love to attend a concert of Horia Brenciu in München! 🙂

This was an amazing peaceful & happy moment that is so dear to me. And it was unfortunately also my last truly happy week-end in Muenchen, from then on lots of problems appeared and I am still working on solving them.  But my problems will eventually get solved and I will enjoy again such awesome moments with full heart!

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