Personal colour

So … I’ve had a full day again of job search, CV’s, applications, article reading etc….nothing unusual so far… but I’ve discovered this really interesting article, that actually was what I was thinking about in 2008, before my traineeship, and again after September 2009.

First,  watch the video from this link 🙂  and read the comments

So … my dilemma is this … I am a colourful mix!! 😀 … I think the name of the blog sais it all!

In 2008, I saw myself as a mix of orange and green.

In 2009, I saw myself as turquoise, the mixed colour of green and blue. I also looove the colour, I have many clothes/jewelery in this colour.  After all, even my personal presentation/CV blog is as close to this colour as I could make it with the wordpress free options:

And well..even if these are non colours, I realize that I bought lately many items with mixed black/white  design – like a black white wallet with musical notes and piano drawing on it, a set of drawing with the same theme, I constantly look at the creative and nice black/white designs from different items… not the usual stripes, far from that ! ;)) so somehow, I think that I am also starting to become defined by this black/white mix.

Today’s perception.….. after watching the video posted above, I still am represented by the colours above, but I saw that yellow and red might fit also to some of my personal attributes, as I perceive myself….

So…. I am back to where I started…I am a colourful mix!

Can’t I be a colour mix nicely done? :p Do I need to be represented just by one colour? There is such a big colour palette in this world,  just check the colour wheel examples I posted below!

Help needed!    An outside perception will be very much appreciated!

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