I’ve just realized yesterday that I learned a new skill… Flextability 🙂  …. being flexible enough to accept tougher life moments and the less wanted things that are coming with them while keeping the mental stability and balance.

and oh, boy, starting with Sept 2009 and especially since end February I’ve been challenged to become flexible & adaptable in all life’s issues!

Consider just the last 2 months I was living in my house from my homecity: almost everything seemed unfamiliar, since most of the rooms in the house changed either the owner or the design of the room.   I was not even living in my old room, I had only the bed in another room of the house and during the day I was just moving around in the entire house from room to room searching for a place of my own where I could have my time. That’s a tough situation to accept when you are  also coming back after 1 year abroad and you need to reintegrate, but none of the special places you had in your house you seems familiar anymore, except the wonderful people around you that you missed a lot while being abroad and that do their best to reintegrate you as good as possible.

Consider also that when after almost 2 months I finally started reintegrating better, I decided to move back again in Munich…So reverse process started!! Here I am since 11th of May and since then I was changing 4 accomodations in less then 1 month …in some of them living twice, so I actually moved not 4 times, but 6 times!! Totally crazy times…and the worst was the lack of safety and stability in the new job, which extended this whole uncertainty situation sooo long… I am really really close to my flexibility limit, I don’t know how long I can still go on like this, but as long as I can still do it, I am happy to learn new things about my personal limits and life attitude.

…… so yes, my flexibility was challenged to extreme since end February until almost end of June …and even if all these situations drove me crazy some times, so far I have not lost my minds :p,  I just learned a very new interesting skill, that I like to name it “flextability”… and I have no idea if it’s a dictionary word anyway :))