Second chance

Today it was such a mix of moments, painful, happy, amazed, thankful, novelties and curiosities, shops, books, relaxed, happy, sad, nostalgic, determined, prepared, hopeful.

So let’s start with the morning – late waking at abt 10, after a long night and morning with awful tooth pain :(( and more “antinevralgic” pills, fastly dressing up for going in an unplanned trip for some papers from official institutions, interesting talks about Greece, Germany, Romania, people, attitudes and life, and also laughing on the way, bureaucracy and wrong information about the good institution address,  reaching the good address and office with only 1 minute after 12…when the break was starting!… but happily I managed to convince the person to receive me though, nice person :), paying at kasse the money for the papers and going through the long back door way to avoid letting more people coming in  the office for more requests, finally leaving the institution at 12:20! 🙂

On the way I saw a reaally interesting way of moving things into a new room at a high floor of a building 🙂

Lunch time – Angebot 😉 from Hbf – coffee and semel with 2E,  U2 trip, Seeing Alexa!! niceeee talks, chit chat moments with cherry flavour 🙂 but toooo short time though…. we need to talk again soon and to meet with all the others also!

14  – MF Ubahn – bank meeting and talks about the job situation as well….yes, I must talk with more people about this situation, to inform them….and in the end he told me something amazing – “You proved honesty in such a situation and talking and being open about it, you proved to be serious and you deserve a second chance. I believe there is someone up there and your time and chance will come, I am sure. Good luck, all the best for you!”

afternoon – Universitat area,  paper with the proof of  the date when I left to Romania,  discovering niiiice shops and places on Barer str (creative & artistic shop new opened, eis coffee – the european way with icecream and sahne ;), muffins & fresh bagels, retro clothes shops – 40s, 50s, 60s  -another shop, The apartment, where you feel like in wonderland of 60s….yes, cool things like audrey hepburn mugs, decision dices, storing travel cases, laptop  case with world’s map printed on it , retro advertising, saving money to quit my job boxes :)) etc ….but also waaaay tooo much plastic for my taste 🙂

late afternoon – home, finally a small moment of silence & relaxation, refreshing shower & changing…and then the tooth pain came back … another pain pill and waiting for some effect  before going out again.

evening – marienplatz, people stopped in front of the windows screens to watch WM :)) , san francisco coffee place, friends, happiness and sadness to hear so many people will leave soon, Houcem, Nik, Olya, Casi,  I hate june-july’s bye bye parties in munchen, waay to many trainees are leaving now…again 😦 ….  Laughing and crazy ideas, a funny & amazed Houcem thinking about the proposal to have 4 wives on 4 continents :)))  Wooooow effect … I am sad sad sad that he will leave 😦 ….Doing the best to assure my tomorrow, but living the day – and more attitude & philosophy talks with Houcem

night – toooth pain re – re- re -reloaded :((( … tomorrow again a full day of meetings and running around for papers, just like the last 2-3 weeks , but at least they are paying off……..early early morning tomorrow, leaving home at 8:45 latest!!  hoping in a good painless night, hoping that the tooth pain will let me sleep…. dentist appointment at 12 oclock and first check to see if my new health insurance will work & cover 100% as promised…. either before or after, until 15, hoping to be able to find out info about a german course institution….and these should be all the paper & bureacracy meetings for  this week !!!

Finally some days for myself,  Shopping as soon as I’ll get some money – daily things plus I need to find a laptop charger!! I’ll also have some time to apply again to jobs, doing my German CV!!, german books & vocabulary, arranging my room and making it comfortable and organized (total mess with all these running around meetings) and cleaning up  -Friday morning routine :),  and meeting friends again (Alexia and Houcem tomorrow after 17, trainee house Thursday??, Friday Houcem airport during the lunch time? if no other bureaucracy meeting comes up …, friday evening Nik’s see you soon party before he will fly back to India …and Saturday ….don’t know yet…my dear Romanian friends? Mahi? Thekla? Anna? Tony? Sunday -maybe Eisbach surf place in English Garden and after Olya’s bday party)

I’ve lived the day, leaving tomorrow’s worries behind,  no one knows what will be, but I did  my best to solve what is needed to open a new nice tomorrow opportunity, to get a second chance …. and at the end of the day I am happy to say that I just lived the day and prepared a new day’s road!

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