Nomad life … in Munich

Munich reloaded. For 1 month, since 11th of  May, I am again living in the green capital of Bavaria.

I lived almost 14 months before here,  but this 1 month was just the time that managed to crystalize the previous learnings and to change me more then the previous months.

What changed?

First of all, my perception over Munich.  Munich seemed big to me even if I lived here more then a year ….. and after I came back again, in just 1 month, my perception changed drastically,  the city seems now small to me. How could this happen?

Just for understanding my background, I am coming from Craiova, Romania, a small city of  aprox 300 000 inhabitants, that still has many issues, but in the last years, it developed a lot and now I can honestly say it is one of the beautiful cities of Romania, striving for the title of the European capital of fountains – those that visited the city know what I am talking about!

Coming back to Munich, I lived in this city of 1,400,000 inhabitants between Jan 2009 – Feb 2010,  changing my accomodation only once, so 9 months in S-V part and the rest of almost 5 months in V part of Munich. Comparing to my home city, you can see why I had the perception that Munich is a big city, but happily the city is metropolis stress free, since it is really quiet and nice, relaxed, with plenty of touristic attractions.  I did visited a fair part of these attraction points,  but for me the city was more like my home base for work week, friends talks and wonderful moments and for reaching different other places outside the rainy week-ends of  Munich…I must say that I adapted hard to the constant rainy weather, and I discovered along the time that if I was going out of Munich it was most of the times sunny, while in Munich it was still raining…so you cannot blame me for trying to get more sunny moments.  …  One above all, I’ve been surrounded with so many coincidences, common friends with the new people I’ve met in this time and curious things happening, that the world seemed to me smaller then the undiscovered Munich :)))) silly me!

Between Feb-Mai 2010 I’ve been back home to Craiova, and enjoyed a wonderful time with my family (I have a wonderful wonderful nephew! my sister is a happy beautiful mom 🙂 and my family seemed so warm with me all this time, supporting me as much as possible, thank God for the awesome spring weather!! on 1st of May in Romania was just like in the middle of June in Munich :))). This wonderful  time was evidently accompanied by some stressful moments as well ( I still was mostly stressed with all the issues I was trying to solve and constantly thinking of them, ruining my sleep hours,  the reintegration was not exactly the easiest, considering none of my familiar places in the house were the same and I was moving from one room to another etc).  I’ve rediscovered my home city, meeting again my friends … and I must say it was the first time I thought of Craiova as a small city and in the same time more crowded then I knew it… I am living at a rather big  distance :)) … 10-12 min with the car (running wiht 50/60 km/h!!) from the center :)) ….  a walk from my home to the city center is less then 1 hour….

No more comparison needed… it is understandable why Craiova seemed small after the Munich experience….but what surprised me is the fact that after this first month since I am back, Munich started to seem small! .. and in all my previous 14 months living here, Munich still seemed big, uncharted in my mind.  In just 1 month full of events, like changing accommodation for 6 times, living in 4 places/rooms/houses, including at 1 hour outside Munich,  finding out that my new job is a totally bullshit,   being without internet for more then 1 week and having the laptop adapter broken, going out again to job fairs, companies, public institutions and computer shops for my adapter all over Munich, I finally charted Munich… and it’s now small for me.

For the first time since I came, I finally feel like Munich is mine,  I think that I adapted to it’s timing, to it’s requests, I am truly accepting it and embracing it’s lifestyle openly for the next 2 months that I will live here. This is my nomad playground now. 😉

Second of all, my perception over friends and party nights. Being in the middle of some tough moments, I saw who are my real friends and who are just merely events and party acquaintance, who are the people who made their best in supporting me, either with a kind word, question, advice, support or in any other way they could, who are the real friends  in who I should invest my time, energy and kindness and  who is not worth of it.  I realized that coworkers are rarely becoming personal friends in Germany, here there is a much thicker line between business coworkers and friends, even if I have some nice friendly people from work. The environment is truly different from Romania where there is a  way thinner line and sometimes this line can disappear, making work more fun together with friends, and this can be achieved without a loss of efficiency.  I also started to be less of a party person as I used to be…. I still love going out to parties, but my very different priorities made me sit back, relax and stop being proactive about it, just replying to the invitations I’ll receive, and not always with a yes…

Reading more, watching more movies and series. Back home, before the Munich job, I used to buy many books and to read them, to keep them close for nice times… my family knows the big issue related to moving them out when they were too many 😀 …  so I must admit that I think I have kind of a paper thing…. I just love paper in almost all it’s forms,  weather books, flyers, white paper for drawings, agendas…  Still, since I came to Munich, I rarely read a book, for 9 long months I read only 2 fiction books, because I was just trying to enjoy people’s company and moments, and I considered reading books can be done later on.   And still, in sept 2009, a time came to change back to who I was in my home city. Changing this focus from being very friendly with all to only a few selected people, I must say that my priorities also changed. I started reading a lot of books instead of searching for people’s company, I started watching many series (in less then 6 months, full Grey’s Anatomy and Flash Forward are up to date  and I saw many episodes from SATC, HIMYM, Dr. House..) I watched more movies at Cinema (Inglorious Bastards, Avatar and SATC2) and even more movies online or from borrowed DVD’s

No more travels! Ich muss Deutsch lernen!  Und dann bin ich Deutsch lernen! Ja, naturlich! 🙂 I’m wondering around the city’s different public institutions and private schools to see where I can find a good integration course for these 2 months that I will stay here, until 10th of August for sure I will be here… so this will be my summer German learning camp in Muenchen, no more travels for me this time.  Wheather I will find this course or not, I am going to learn on my own until I can start one of these courses, for 1 or 2 months.

“Where is your optimism and cheerfully mood? You’ll make it through this, you know it!” This is a remark that got my attention,  I heard it this week from a dear friend of mine who knows me from the beginning of my Munich times in Jan 2009, who sticked next to me and helped me throughout the entire bad moments after sept 2009… I must say that my cheerfulness it is still there, and in better times for me it will appear again, especially for my special friends. So far, I can still support and cheer up a good friend, I can still be there with the largest smile to light my face and eyes, but it is harder to have this mood again for my case, for myself, I’ve been burned so many times that I am trying to cool down even a frozen yoghurt …I think I’ve  just addopted a precaution attitude, trying not to put my hopes out again in some Morgana wishful thinking.

Weather changes – sun, rain, clouds, winds etc – does not bother me so much … so far at least, as long as there is no ice and snow which really is freaking me out, considering my history 😀 … At least I came back on a very sunny morning in Munich 😉 This made up for the next continuously rainy weeks! And the last 2-3 days were so hot! Or better said, there was a fast change  and big temperature difference from the cold rain to the hot summer days, and still it is not bothering me all that much as before, I almost have a new extension of me – my umbrella! ;)).

If I left out any change … a good friend who knows me will probably let me know 🙂 and I’ll update the post.