What has in common AIESEC Romania’s EuroXpro 2009 and Eurovision 2010? Paula Seling ;))

I am extremely happy to see that Paula Seling and Ovi won the 3rd place at Eurovision! Considering the song, I was hoping for the 1st place…but at least the result was a really good one for her and for Romania.  Hear her sing live in the Eurovision contest  and this is the nice video made by them for the competition

I must say that she is impressing also when she talks in the interviews, so natural and friendly and in the same with such a decency in her behaviour …. Klasse! 😉 You can see here the Thank you video after Eurovision  

And she is most dear to me since she is also a truly special person, kind and generous and amazingly talented, and also an AIESEC Romania’s friend.  😉 Yes, those that were attending EuroXpro 2009 Opening Ceremony in Bucharest got the chance to hear her singing live for AIESECers from all over the world.

Discover her other wonderful videos here at her official english web page http://paulaseling.com/