Buzz marketing event Heineken

Amazing!! That was a really succesfull buzz marketing event organized by Heineken! 🙂

First watch the video:

The results could not be better:

– 1136 victims fell into the trap

– More than 1 million and a half watching the live event in sports channel Sky Sport.

– 10 million watched the event on the news the next day

– More than 5 million visitors in 2 weeks on the Internet that carried the event.

– Many fans enjoyed the event in blogs, forums and social networks. Just check these statistics to see h0w fast this video it’s spread 🙂

Why was it so succesfull? Because Heineken used a very good insight from their main target group, men –  The most sacred moment guys have left is watching football with friends, this implying lots of beer and no girlfriends around. … What Heineken wanted to communicate and demonstrate was that as time goes by, this situation is at risk, because girlfriends or other people around them, peers,  are more and more influencing this “guy’s thing event”.

Trying to communicate through normal media and actions would bring a low impact…if you are a man, so part of the target group, just imagine your reaction if someone would come to you and tell you “The most sacred moment guys have left is watching football with friends, but as time goes by, this situation is at risk.” What would you do?  Either you agree or not with this “hypothesis”, the communication about this topic would hardly go further, you will not start a conversation on this topic with your friends……But I bet you will start a discussion about the event from this video!

So what is the difference? Why the audience behaves differently? After all, the situation that they learn about is the same…. what is added in the video and in the event idea is the humour incorporated in demonstrating that situation :).. Mocking the situation with humour makes the difference and generates the “word-of-mouth” advertising for Heineken.  And it was just as simple as that for Heineken team: take the most waited moment by soccer fans, the big game Real Madrid vs AC Milan in UEFA Champions and organize in the same time frame a false event combining poetry and classical music at the same time of the game, use  about 200 fans & accomplices to convince football fans to give up the big game Real Madrid vs AC Milan. Among these accomplices: 100 girlfriends, 50 teachers and several journalists. The unhappiness of the victims during the first 15 minutes of the concert was explicit :))), until Heineken made a surprise presentation on the screen, mocking the situation and then inviting them to attend the game together. …just like a good friend that understands you and makes you smile 😉 . Through this event, the brand became more human and friendly, better connected with their target group.

The beauty of this succesfull marketing action is that most of the people that will read this or see the video will spread it forward, talking about it and generating more word-of-mouth marketing (in Romanian – marketing din gura in gura sau prin viu grai) all over the internet for Heineken …even if you don’t like or don’t consume Heineken beer ! 😉

Chapeau bas pour Heineken!