Alles wird besser werden

Everything will be better.

Besides my  ReZolutionary 2010 vision, this is the thought that kept me running for the last months, kept me focused on my objectives, lifted me up when I was down.

And this thought was totally supported mainly by the group of wonderful friends that kept close to me in the last half of year and when none of them was available at a moment, I was just listening to this brilliant German song, that I totally love it you probably won’t hear about it if you don’t live in Germany, so I will post the link here

Xavier Naidoo – Alles kann besser werden (Official Video)(HQ) – posted on the official youtube channel of the singer. The video and the dance may not be the best,  but the song is brilliant. I hope you will like it.

For non-German speakers, there is also some English singing part in this song, so you might understand something out of the song lyrics.  And if you want to understand the German lyrics also, here is an English translation of the lyrics: or here

Basically,  the meaning of the repetitive words “Alles kann/soll/wir besser werden, Holen wir uns den Himmel auf Erden, Und keiner muss sein Leben mehr gefährden, Einer der kostbarsten Schätze auf Erdenis Everything can/should/will become better, Let’s make it heaven on earth, And nobody has to endanger his life anymore, One of the most precious treasures on earth” and “Bitte gib nicht auf” means Please don’t give up”

Now I’m in Romania, but whenever I hear this song, it reminds me of Germany and Munich, it reminds me of good moments, it reminds me of bad moments as well, it reminds me of awesome friends and great moments that we shared together.  It reminds me of life as it is, with good and bads, but full of hopes and determination to make things better, it calms me down and it inspires me in the same time, lifts me up and makes me go forward.

I could hear the song everywhere on the German radios in 2009, over and over again, since it was high in German music top charts in the second part of 2009.  I loved his voice and the song from the first time I heard it, and when I later translated the lyrics, I started to appreciate even more the song and later on Xavier Naidoo also, a German singer with international roots in his family   He is a really unique international artist, blending Christian messages with rap/hip/hop and popular music.  He already had several no. 1 hits and some of the most successful albums in Germany in the last 11 years, receiving constantly prestigious awards for his songs and albums.

I am already a fan of Xavier Naidoo – I know there’s more for me 😉 – Every new song will be better –  so I keep a close eye to his website where I am sure he will post future #1 singles 🙂