ReZolutionary Vision – my 2010 river mindset …3 months later

I had the honour to receive the book from one of the authors, Mr. Ralf Langen from Ketchum Pleon. You can order the book here or just ask me to borrow it to you if we are in the same city 🙂

2010 is a revolutionary year for me, it is the first year when I decided to have a ReZolutionary VISION :)))) Yeeeah!! This is a post that I started writing in January 2010, but I am posting these thoughts only now, I kept it as a draft and I let some time to go over this mindset to see how I am dealing with this change of mind. I started my year with this song on my mind 🙂 … looking for an Empire State of Mind in 2010 to support me while going through some rough unstable moments in my life … I started my 2010 year with this great song in my mind and in the middle of friends, enjoying a great party! 😉 New Year Party 2009-2010 was actually over my expectations, I had so many downs lately in my life and also related to this party event that my expectations were really low, even for a party that I worked with my friends to make it good….but it was one of those few times when no matter how high were my standards,  the party would have been better anyway 🙂  …because many friends were surrouding me, lots of new faces also but really cool.  The music was also great  – we had at least 3 DJ’s and friends know that I cannot stay away from being in this group heehehe :))  … but I was selecting the music playlist only in the 2009 part of the party :p …for 2010 part of the party I was partying hard already and enjoying my friends presence!

You can order the book here or just ask me to lend it to you -if we are in the same city 🙂

The moment between years is the traditional moment that most of us use to set up resolutions for the new year. 2009 end of the year brought lots of autoevaluation thoughts and also lots of objectives, hopes and wishes for 2010… My new year resolution was inspired from the book that I was reading in that moment, Change 2.0., a book that I had the honour to receive it in the middle of December 2009 from one of the authors of the book, Mr. Ralf Langen from Ketchum Pleon. So in 2010 I decided to have a river mindset, consciously applying it in my life. That was the main resolution, the others resolutions were about getting a new job, taking better care of my primary wealth, my health, managing much better my personal finances (since now I know what life on my own means, how expensive it can be and I surely appreciate much more the value of the money that I earn), and putting into reality more priceless friends inputs that I received… and yes, this time I am committed to learning German at advanced level, no matter where I will get my new job contract.

What do I mean with this river mindset? Imagine a river – when the flowing river hits rocks, stones, obstacles, it doesn’t stop, just flows around them, manages to go further and to find the right path towards his final goal, the sea … not to mention that the apparently soft fluid flexible river actually manages to even disintegrate the hard rocks in time 😉  … As Lao-Tzu said “Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it” …………… Letting some weeks go over my New Year thoughts and resolutions, I realized that my main resolution(in Romanian, the word isrezoluție) will work better as a vision for implementing all the other 2010 objectives and resolutions that I have :p …So, yes, 2010 is a revolutionary year for me, it is the first year when I decided to have a ReZolutionary VISION :)))) Yeeeah!! ..…………

Now it’s the 22nd of March 2010, the World Water Day, and it reminded me of my ReZolutionary Vision of having a river mindset …  it’s been almost 3 months since I set up my mind in this direction and it’s time to give a check on this issue and see what’s happening. So far this mindset really helped me out to go more focused through the first months of 2010,  to keep my eyes on the objectives no matter how many setbacks I get, no matter how many dissapointments apperead in my way or how many obstacles I had to overcome … and there were too many for only 3 months :(.  But I managed to get easier over the bumpy up and down road that I am travelling on in 2010, I managed to get less emotionally involved or affected by the bad moments, I managed to keep my smile, my faith and optimism much better with this ReZolutionary Vision in my mind and I am really thankful that I got the chance to read this book in the proper moment and really happy that I changed my mind in this direction. Let’s see what it brings for me until the end of 2010, maybe I’ll decide to keep this ReZolutionary Vision for more years 🙂

Later edit – 2nd of Nov 2010 – I found another excellent river quote: What makes a river so restful to people is that it doesn’t have any doubt – it is sure to get where it is going, and it doesn’t want to go anywhere else. Hal Boyle I must say this will also be my  first day of work in my new job, if the working permit is approved today 🙂 And I can also keep my current part time job, both JD’s mixing up quite nicely!  🙂