We have TIME

This is a translation of one of my favourite Romanian poems – Octavian Paler – Avem timp (We have time) (http://octavianpaler.ro/poezii/avem-timp/)… and probably this poem it is not just special for me, this poem is one of the few viral poems that was always travelling from one inbox to another.

I have no idea if  any of my foreign friends ever received a translated version, but I will post here the translation of this poem so that more people can enjoy the wisdom of these words.


We have time for everything. Sleep,

run back and forth, right and left

regret we made an error and err again

judge others and absolve ourselves,

we have time to read and write,

edit what we wrote, regret what we wrote,

we have time to make projects and never follow through

we have time to dwell in illusions and stir through their ashes much later.

we have time for ambitions and diseases,

to blame destiny and details,

we have time to look at the clouds, at the ads, or some random accident,

we have time to chase away our questions,

postpone our answers,

we have time to crush a dream and reinvent it,

we have time to make friends, to lose them,

we have time to take lessons and forget them soon after,

we have time to receive gifts and not understand them.

We have time for everything.

No time, though, for a little tenderness.

When we’re about to do that, too, we die.

Octavian Paler wrote more inspiring poems full of wisdom , at request I can translate another interesting poem.  🙂

Until then, you are free!  Go and enjoy your TIME FOR TENDERNESS!

I expect Reports about your Tenderness Times  ;))

Picture taken in 2010 by one of my friends ... that is an example of a picture capturing tenderness times ;))